Getting Your Prescriptions Filled Fast and Easy

Getting Your Prescriptions Filled Fast and Easy

Consider An Outdoor Stairlift Instead Of A Ramp

Kaitlin Alexander

Many homeowners who have mobility challenges need to think of ways to get around not only inside their homes, but also how to get into the home. For many people, the front steps can be difficult, so they arrange to have a ramp built. While this approach can certainly make it easier get up to your front door, it's not the only solution to consider. While many people associate stairlifts with indoor accessibility, the reality is that many stairlift companies offer outdoor versions of their products as an alternative to using a ramp. Here are some details to know about outdoor home stairlifts.

They Can Accommodate Any Stair Layout

Regardless of the type of stairs you have going up to the front door of your house, you'll likely be able to find a stairlift company that can accommodate this layout. Stairlifts are highly customizable, so whether you have just two or three stairs in a straight line or a series of stairs that curve, your stairlift company will be able to customize a stairlift to suit the stairs. Additionally, you'll be able to choose from a number of color schemes, which will make it easier to get a product that suits the look of your home's exterior. For example, you could get a beige stairlift to match your beige siding.

They're Resistant To Weather

The last thing you want is to have a stairlift that you constantly have to cover when rain is in the forecast. The good news in this regard is that outdoor stairlifts are highly resistant to weather, so you won't have to worry about rain getting on any parts of the lift or about using the stairlift during a downpour. Whereas indoor lifts shouldn't come in contact with water, their outdoor counterparts are designed to remain functional regardless of the weather.

You Can Keep It Secure

Another valuable feature of outdoor stairlifts is that you can secure them, so that unwanted people don't play with them. For example, you wouldn't want to look out your window and see that your neighbor's teenagers are riding up and down on your device. Outdoor stairlifts are equipped with a key that needs to be inserted into a control panel before the stairlift will be operational. You can keep this key in your pocket or on the key ring with your house key, for easy access whenever you need to use the stairlift.


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