Getting Your Prescriptions Filled Fast and Easy

Getting Your Prescriptions Filled Fast and Easy

Reasons To Get Low-Dose Naltrexone From A Reputable Compound Pharmacy

Kaitlin Alexander

When you suffer from conditions like Crohn's disease or certain kinds of cancer, you may find yourself in constant pain throughout the day. Over-the-counter pain medications may have little to no effect on your symptoms. You also may not be able to escape intense discomfort by sleeping or exercising.

Instead of living with pain that leaves you debilitated and exhausted, your doctor might prescribe pain medications to you. You can get your prescription for low-dose Naltrexone filled when you take it to a reputable compound pharmacy.

Dose Adjustments

When you take your prescription for low-dose Naltrexone to a compound pharmacy to be filled, you may be able to get the doses for it adjusted. Your big box pharmacy may not be able to fill it in the dose that your doctor prescribes it. This pharmacy may only have larger doses available to patients.

Rather than face cutting pills or taking a larger dose than what your doctor recommends, you can have a compound pharmacy fill your prescription for low-dose Naltrexone. This pharmacy may be able to access lower doses that big box pharmacies do not keep in stock. You avoid having to cut pills in half or simply tolerate larger doses than what your doctor recommends that you use.

Alternate Forms

You also may be unable to swallow pills because of your current illness. The big box pharmacy in your area may only offer pill forms for low dose Naltrexone, however. It cannot give it to you in any other form.

A compound pharmacy may be able to offer you the low-dose Naltrexone in liquid form that is easier for you to swallow. It also may have chewable tablets that you can take easier than a large pill that must be swallowed. You can get the medication that you need without having to force a pill down your throat.

Finally, a compound pharmacy may have access to brands of low-dose Naltrexone that larger pharmacies do not carry. You may be more familiar and comfortable with one particular manufacturer over another. You may find its low-dose Naltrexone at a compound pharmacy.

Low-dose Naltrexone can relieve your chronic pain and give you relief that from your worst symptoms. You can get it in the right dosage when you have a compound pharmacy fill it. You can also get it easier forms and from preferred manufacturers. Speak to a pharamcist to learn more.


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