Getting Your Prescriptions Filled Fast and Easy

Getting Your Prescriptions Filled Fast and Easy

Six Scenarios When Buying From A Compounding Pharmacy Is A Good Idea

Kaitlin Alexander

Going to a compounding pharmacy to acquire the medications you need can be beneficial in many different scenarios. The following are six scenarios when buying from a compounding pharmacy is a good idea. 

You Need a Medication That Is No Longer Produced Commercially

One of the best things about compounding pharmacies is that they are able to produce certain medications and supplements that are no longer commercially available.

Patients who are interested in a medication that has been discontinued by its original manufacturer can therefore benefit from compounding pharmacy services. 

You Have Experienced Side Effects to Commercially Available Medications

Unfortunately, some patients experience side effects and allergic reactions to medications that they take.

In this case, a compounding pharmacy may be able to formulate a medication or supplement without certain ingredients that are known to cause side effects. If you're having side effects to a medication, you should discuss this possibility with your physician or a compounding pharmacist. 

You Want to Have a Specially Formulated Supplement or Multivitamin Produced

When it comes to supplements and multivitamins, some patients have needs or preferences that aren't specifically met by commercial products. In this case, a compounding pharmacist may be able to produce a specially formulated supplement or vitamin to better meet a patient's unique needs. 

You’re on a Medication That Is Difficult to Take In Its Standard Form

Patients sometimes experience difficulties taking certain medications because of their taste or the size of the capsule that they come in.

Compounding pharmacists are sometimes able to formulate medications to improve their taste. Compounding pharmacists can also produce capsules of medications that are easier for patients to swallow because they are smaller or smoother. 

You Want to Get Your Medications from a Pharmacist Who Can Meet Your Unique Needs

Compounding pharmacists will typically offer more customized services than pharmacists at large pharmacy chains.

Pharmacists at compounding pharmacies can work directly with customers to address their unique needs. They can also answer all the questions that patients have in-person to give patients greater confidence in the treatment that they're receiving. 

You’re Finding It Confusing to Keep Up with Dosage Instructions for Multiple Medications

Patients who must take multiple medications at the same time can easily get confused about dosage instructions. It's dangerous for patients to accidentally take the wrong dosage of a medication. 

Compounding pharmacies can sometimes combine numerous medications into a single capsule to make it easier for patients who are taking multiple medications at once to receive the right dosages.  

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