Getting Your Prescriptions Filled Fast and Easy

Getting Your Prescriptions Filled Fast and Easy

4 Benefits Of Using Pharmacy Compounding Services

Kaitlin Alexander

When it comes to getting medications, most people place an order with their local pharmacy where they take existing medication and portion it out for an individual. However, that is not the only option available. Some pharmacies offer what is known as compounding services, which is when a medication is made from scratch to your individual needs. Here are a few reasons why you may want to use a compounding service for your medications. 

To Improve Medication Adherence

A common reason to use compounding services is to create a formula for a medication that is easier for someone to take. This is often the case if a medication typically comes in a pill that needs to be swallowed, which a person has difficulty doing. That medication can actually be made as a transdermal gel or liquid to make it easier to take, which is all possible using the same active ingredients.

To Create Discontinued Medications

Another reason to use compounding services is to create a medication that is no longer available to purchase. If the medication uses ingredients that the pharmacist has access to, it's possible to recreate that medication so that it is now accessible once again. If you rely on a specific medication and do not want to go through trial and error of finding a new medication, compounding services can recreate it for you.

To Reduce Side Effects

Sometimes a medication can cause an undesirable side effect due to the inactive ingredients within it. For example, you may have an allergic reaction to a certain ingredient and it's possible to avoid it by using compounding services. A pharmacist can look at all the inactive ingredients that are within the medication and try removing some of them to see if they make a difference. 

To Create Non-Standard Dosages

Sometimes a medication only comes in a specific dosage, such as 50mg or 100mg. What do you do if you require something very specific like 70mg and it's difficult to cut a pill into the proper amount? You can use compounding services to make a specific medication that is unique to your dosage needs, which will make it easier to take your medication.

The goal of using compounding services is always to improve your health in some way. If it is as simple as making it easier to take your medications, then you are going to have a better health outcome in the end. 

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